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A successful journey is a safe one

While we have taken every measure to create a secure process for our members, we recommend that when on Khadijah EliteTM members follow basic safety guidelines such as:

Do not reveal personal information on your profile such as phone number, address, school, birthday, etc.

Do not link to social media accounts that reveal your identity.

Report and unmatch with anyone who makes you feel unsafe or uncomfortable.

Do not give out financial information, or send money to someone you dont know.

Be suspicious of someone you havent met in person who professes their love to you.

Member Tutorials and
Educational Resources.

On Khadijah EliteTM, members find educational tools and resources that teach how to engage in relationships that promote harmony and longevity. Members can access modules and worksheets at each stage of the Khadijah EliteTM process in courses such as:


Creating and Maintaining the Marriage of your Dreams


Preparing for Marriage: Defining your Expectations and your Marriage Rules


Careful Steps to Seeking your Soulmate


The Nikah in Canada


How to Grow a Caring Marriage

The Khadijah EliteTM Safety and
Guidance Advisory Team Members


Shahina Siddiqui LL.D

Shahina currently sits on the National Advisory Board of the Canadian Association for Muslims with Disabilities and the National Council of Canadian Muslims.


Dr. Imam Hamid Slimi

Dr. Imam Hamid Slimi has a vast educational background and speaks publicly about the challenges Muslims in North America face in finding partners and marrying.


Dr. Imam Zijad Delic

A dynamic and passionate Imam, Dr. Imam Zijad Delic brings a wealth of study in the Islamic Sciences to Khadijah EliteTM.


Dr. Aneesah Nadir

Dr. Aneesah Nadir was a social work professor at Arizona State University for over 17 years, and taught at Ottawa University, Gateway and Mesa Community Colleges in Arizona.


Dr. Aisha Sherazi

Dr. Aisha Sherazi is the principal of a local elementary school program that helps students memorize the entire Holy Quran by the end of Grade 8.


Razia Hamidi

Razia Hamidi is a celebrated speaker who focuses on preventative programs in marriage, leadership, self-development, and living with God-centered purpose.