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Step 1: Register for your Khadijah EliteTM or Fatimah EliteTM membership.

Khadijah EliteTM

For single Muslim men and women who are looking to find their life partner.

Fatimah EliteTM

For parents and guardians of single Muslim men and women who are looking to find their life partner. 

Step 3: Find your match. Follow the Khadijah EliteTM 4-phase process.

The unique Khadijah EliteTM 4-phase process brings guidance and structure to the search for a life partner. It allows members to meet multiple matches, then over time, reduce their matches to the few who are best suited to them. Once the perfect match is found, Khadijah EliteTM recommends a chaperoned meeting in person. Khadijah EliteTM makes timing recommendations for each phase, which encourages a gradual and appropriate increase in contact between matches.

Step 5: Keep on top of your progress. Use your Khadijah EliteTM Scorecard and Journey Tracker.

Khadijah EliteTM Scorecard


The Scorecard allows you to learn about your matches by sharing questions and answers with them. Members choose from Khadijah EliteTM’s pre-set questions or create their own. After your matches have provided answers to your questions, you rate them. Only you can see their “score” and from there can determine if the match is your ideal partner.

Khadijah EliteTM Journey Tracker


The Journey Tracker gives you a one-page summary of where you stand on your journey to finding the perfect match. It ranks all your matches based on their Scorecard percentage. It also shows how long you have been matched with them, the phase of the journey you are in with them, and the highest phase your matches have reached with other members.

Answers to Questions You May
Have About the Khadijah EliteTM
4-Phase Process.

A: When you sign up, there are 2 ways to communicate: text chat and video chat. Only after you have passed through to Phase 3 is the video chat available. We make sure that members cannot communicate outside of the website so you can focus and feel safe. You must be logged in, and present on the site to send messages or video chat.

A: No, at first you can only send text messages. Members must be in Phase 3 or higher to hold video chat sessions.

A: As a member of Khadijah EliteTM Matrimony, the only messages you will ever get on the site are from the matches with whom you have connected. You will never be messaged by other members. When any match starts bothering you, we recommend you unmatch them and send a report to our security team.

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