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Support your son or daughter in a matching process that respects Islamic traditions.

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$50 USD/monthly

$55 CAD/monthly


$120 USD/quarter

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$180 USD/semi-annual

$210 CAD/semi-annual

Questions and Answers
about Fatimah EliteTM

A: Please tell your parents about the site and encourage them to register you for Fatimah EliteTM. When they register, you will be sent an email to accept the invitation. Once accepted by you, you may register for Khadijah EliteTM and begin searching for a spouse. Your parents can suggest matches for you, but you decide to connect with them or not.

A: You are permitted to have a maximum of two dependents as members.

A: Khadijah EliteTM provides a safe, respectful online marriage matching process that mirrors traditional ways and provides maximum matching opportunities. However, just as in traditional practices, there is no guarantee that you will find a spouse.

A: A Fatimah EliteTM Parent/Guardian does not verify their ID. The dependents, however, have the option to do so. Therefore, no it is not required. Fatimah EliteTM members can still have full access to the services Khadijah EliteTM offers without validating their ID.

Are you ready to support your daughter or son
as they search for their life partner?


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"I love the features and resources and just think this site is a wonderful idea. I wouldnt change anything about the system."


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"Using the website was easy and clearI think the website is secure and supportive. Cant wait to use it again! Good job."