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Questions and Answers
about Khadijah EliteTM

A: Quite the opposite! This website was designed to be a safe, secure space where Muslims connect with the intention to marry. Our website has been developed in consultation with Muslim community leaders. Our unique security protocols provide members with a high degree of comfort and safety. Our 4-phase process ensures our members can search for a spouse with respect and dignity. We provide tutorials and other educational resources to prepare members for successful relationships. Khadijah Elite is the solution to the problems Muslims face on dating apps.

A: You must be 18 years of age or older.

A: Female members of Khadijah EliteTM and Fatimah EliteTM have the option to reveal their photos and video to individual members with whom they have matched any time they choose. Womens photos are not displayed publicly to all members.

A: Yes, Khadijah EliteTM has been vetted by the Canadian Council of Imams, the Ottawa Gatineau Council of Imams and by dozens of Islamic Institutions, Imams, Educators, and even Muslim Marriage Coaches and Therapists. Especially in this time when travel is restricted and communities are distanced from each other, our website is your best, most modest and careful option to find the perfect match.

A: No it is not required. Members can still have full access to the services Khadijah EliteTM offers without validating their ID.

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Member Experiences

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"When I made my bio profile there were some questions which are important for finding a partner on this journey. Such detail in helping a Muslim build a partner profile!"


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"I love the Privacy and the application process. The resources are an additional add on you never see on the other Muslim dating apps including the filters."