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A:  Khadijah EliteTM is a subscription-based Muslim marriage website where screened members search, connect and communicate with potential matches with the intention to marry. 

A:  We are based in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, although our members are from all over the world. 

A: Khadijah EliteTM was created by two concerned brothers in Islam, Rashid Nasim, a global entrepreneur and John Ducharme, a veteran federal law enforcement officer.
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A: Khadijah EliteTM is for everyone. Our members live in locations around the world including the USA and Canada. 

A: If you are a wali, guardian or parent of someone who is looking to marry, you may register with Fatimah EliteTM which allows you to support, communicate with matches or their parents, as well as search and offer potential matches. At this time, the nikah services are deferred to your local masjid or Islamic organization once a suitable match has been chosen.

A:  No, Khadijah EliteTM does not allow people to register with the intention of polygyny.

A: No, this website does not in any way aid, procure, promote or provide “mail-order bride”’ or marriage-matching services to its users. Khadijah EliteTM members seek a spouse for themselves, or in the case of Fatimah EliteTM members, for their daughter or son. We screen all our members to make sure they are finding a spouse personally and not on behalf of someone else.

A:  Khadijah EliteTM membership fees are quoted in USD and CDN dollars and are offered on a monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual basis. Often, we hold special promotions, so be sure to visit our social media accounts regularly. 

A: We accept credit cards and debit cards.

A: You can upload three photos and one video. You must use one of your three photos for your main profile photo. 

A:  Photos must be modest, truthful, and chosen with the intent of showing a match what you look like. Unacceptable photos and videos include:
• Images of a person other than you

• Images showing any kind of violence or harm of any kind
• Nudity or partial nudity
• Images of objects only
• A cartoon or illustration (even if it is of you)

A:  Members should write about themselves in a sincere, truthful way that builds a connection with their match or matches. Please do not post content that is:
• abusive, obscene, profane, offensive, sexually oriented, threatening, harassing, racially improper or otherwise inappropriate as determined at our sole discretion; or
• depicts, describes, identifies, or alludes to any person other than yourself.

A:  Our text messaging system does not allow photos, or emojis. Should a member request additional photos of you, we recommend you contact our security team. This practice is not allowed. To learn more please review the terms and conditions of your membership agreement. 

A:  Only Khadijah and Fatimah EliteTM members can access our resources and courses.

A:  We encourage all our members to take the courses as they journey through our website. While phases and courses are not connected, what you learn in our courses will enhance your relationship success.