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How Secure Is the
Khadijah EliteTM Process?

For Khadijah EliteTM members to achieve a successful match they must feel like they can express themselves openly and safely. Therefore, our approach to security is rigorous and unrelenting. Our technology team verifies the accuracy of member identities and protects their privacy by adhering to stringent security and intelligence standards.

ID Verification System

The Khadijah EliteTM registration process involves validating each member’s government issued ID card (passport, driver’s licence, or national ID card), using facial recognition techniques.

Live Agents

Khadijah EliteTM online security protocols are backed by live agents and overseen by a former federal police officer who validates all security processes and artificial intelligence assessments.

Strong Encryption

All personal information supplied by members is strongly encrypted and stored securely in Canada and the US.

Answers to Questions You May
Have About the Khadijah EliteTM

A. The Khadijah EliteTM profile design provides transparency between members via a small colored pentagon with a number inside it. The number indicates the highest level of phase that a member has achieved on Khadijah EliteTM. For instance, if you are in phase 1 and someone in phase 4 shows interest in you, you can see from their profile, that they are already at an advanced phase with another member. There is no guesswork. You’ll know exactly how far along a member is on our site.

A: We understand that Khadijah EliteTM visitors and members are concerned about their privacy, and the confidentiality and security of personal data that is provided. We will only collect, use, and disclose personal data in accordance with our Privacy Statement and the laws applicable in the jurisdictions in which we are collecting personal data.

A: At Khadijah EliteTM, we require all our members to go through a rigorous screening process that verifies who they say they are. Our Liveness Detection and Facial Recognition protocols ensure that a prospective member is not using a stolen or fake ID.