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Now That You’re Married External Links

Articles 6 Secrets to a Happy Marriage 6 Secrets to a Happy Marriage   Closer in Quarantine: A Study of Successful Marriage in Social Isolation https://yaqeeninstitute.org/menahal-begawala/closer-in-quarantine-a-study-of-successful-marriage-in-social-isolation   10 Traits of a Successful Muslim Husband 10 traits of successful Muslim husbands   Fundamentals of a Happy Marriage https://www.soundvision.com/article/fundamentals-of-a-happy-marriage   Videos Family Matters Series by Miftaah Institute […]

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5 Steps to Self-Discovery

While it is true that marriage is half our Deen, we often forget our real purpose: to worship our Creator. How many of us truly live by this principle? Education, employment, marriage, children and other personal pursuits seem to interfere. If we aren’t careful, they can become our reason for living. We need to remind […]

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